In St. Johns County, a 16-foot boat crashed into a dock last Sunday night. The accident killed two men and seriously injured a woman aboard the vessel. Authorities said the three boaters were coming back from a fishing trip late Sunday night when the boat crashed into the dock. Six Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officers examined the scene of the boat crash and are still determining the cause of the accident.

 How to Avoid a Boat Crash

This tragedy could have been prevented if the boaters had remembered the cardinal rules of the waterways.

1. Take A Boating Safety Course.

There are many courses available across the U.S. Keep your knowledge on boat safety up to date before going out on your boat.

2. Check your Vessel and make sure it is safe.

The United States Coast Guard (USCG) offers a virtual vessel check.

3. Always wear your life jackets.

None of the boaters were wearing life jackets when the crashed occurred. All were thrown from the intensity of the boat crashing against the dock. Wearing their life jackets could have prevented the woman’s injuries and the men could have saved their own lives.


What do you think needs to be required in the boating safety course? How do you think this boat crash could have been prevented?

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Image Courtesy of the USCG