There are a few things that you should always do after a car accident. The above video is from and offers tips to help you and your family stay informed and safe.

Checklist: What to Do After a Car Accident

1. Try not to panic & remain calm especially when you have passengers in the car.

2. Put your car in park.

3. Turn on your emergency signal lights.

4. Do not leave the scene after a car accident.

5. Assess your injuries and the injuries of others in your vehicle.

6. Inspect your vehicle for damages.

7. Do not discuss the accident with anyone except the police and do not admit any fault.

8. Call 911 and report the accident’s location, any injuries, and the number of vehicles involved.

9. Do not move the vehicle until the police arrive and instruct you to do so.

10. File an accident report with the police officer.

11. Get the other driver’s contact information including their name, number, address, car make, model and year, vehicle’s color, license plate number, Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), insurance name, insurance phone number and policy number.

12. Photograph the damages and the scene of the accident with a camera or your phone.

13. Call you insurance company and report the accident.

14. Call Bernardo Injury Law after the car accident if you have any additional questions or to represent you.

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Photo Credit: Car Accident by Alban Lika