A fatal crash last week reminds us just how a relaxing, fun day can soon turn deadly. A husband and wife were killed in a ATV and dirt bike accident. The dirt bike she was riding and an ATV he was riding collided.

The couple were riding in the Tampa area when, somehow, the two ran nearly head-on into each other, the Associated Press reported.

The crash is an unfortunate reminder that even when you are out having fun, you need to exercise caution. We’ve done many blog posts about how dangerous it is for motorcycles on the roadways but there are dangers, too, in dirt bikes and all-terrain vehicles off the roadways.

Last week’s blog talked about how there have been have been 190 motorcycle crashes from January 1st to July 31st in Lee County.  At Bernardo Injury Law, we’ve had two motorcycle-related death cases in the last year and we’re working on two more.

It is dangerous on and off the roadways. It is important that safety precautions are taken. You should always wear a helmet, no matter what type of dirt bike, motorcycle or ATV you are riding and whether you are on the roadway or a vacant lot. The dangers remain. The couple killed near Tampa last week was not wearing helmets and they were thrown from their dirt bike and ATV. Wearing a helmet won’t always save you, but it gives you a much better chance of survival.

In addition to wearing a helmet, be aware of your surroundings. Where are the other motorists? Where are your friends and family when you’re joyriding together? Keep track of where everyone is and what they are doing. Don’t try dangerous stunts, play a game of chicken or exercise other unnecessary risks. You should also be aware of the landscape.

You can have a great deal of fun with dirt bikes and ATVs, but be careful so your fun times don’t turn tragic. Here are some more tips.

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