Cruise ships are starting to post their crime stats on their websites so it’s more public the amount of crime happening on the high seas. These crimes include assault with serious bodily injury, suspicious deaths, sexual assaults and other serious violations.

Cruise lines have been in the news lately for accidents but crime is another concern of which passengers should be aware.

A grand time can be had by all on large luxurious cruise ships. But passengers still must be cautious of many of the same accidents and crimes that can happen on dry land. There are still hazards that can result in falls, there are still people who can have disagreements, other passengers who have had a little too much to drink could cause trouble for sober passengers and so on.

There can be accidents that take place on the cruise ship or, as in recent cases, the cruise ships themselves can have accidents. Ships have run aground, caught fire or had mechanical problems.

All these things can take away from what would otherwise be a glorious vacation. It’s not that people should not take cruises. They can be great experiences. Passengers should just be aware that dangers can lurk everywhere and they just need to be careful.

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