There will be 34.1 million Americans traveling 50 miles or more during the holiday weekend, up 4.2 percent from last year. Eighty-five percent of the travelers (29.2 million) will travel by automobile, according to AAA. That’s up 4.3 percent over last year. More than 36 million Labor Day weekend accidents are predicted.

“AAA is forecasting a lift in Labor Day travel this year due to the increasingly positive economic outlook and optimism in the housing market,” said AAA President and CEO Robert L. Darbelnet.  “For many Americans, their home is also their biggest asset, as home prices improve in many parts of the country more families are feeling comfortable about traveling this Labor Day holiday.”

With more than 29 million people hitting the roadways, it can be treacherous travel. It can be a fun travel weekend but it can also be dangerous.

At Bernardo Injury Law, we want to remind people to have a great holiday but to also exercise caution so the fun doesn’t turn tragic.

The National Safety Council is estimating there will be between 338 and 459 deaths across the U.S. from 6 p.m. Friday to 11:59 p.m. Monday. In addition, the council estimates that there will be between 36,110 to 49,100 crashes where someone is injured. These statistics are 8% less than the average of the actual number of accidents the prior six Labor Day holiday periods.

Let’s all work hard to keep those sad statistics as low as we can. If we each do our part, we can help keep each other safe to enjoy family and friends. Drivers must exercise more caution with the increased traffic.

Here are a few things we suggest: Don’t text and drive; watch for vehicles in your blind spot; travel at safe speeds; stay alert; don’t drink and drive; and follow common sense. Giving your driving your undivided attention will help reduce the number of accidents on the roadways.

All of us at Bernardo Injury Law, wish you a happy and safe holiday.