Another motorcyclist was killed over the weekend, bringing the total of deaths in motorcycle crashes to seven this year in Lee County.

The crash this weekend involved a 32-year-old Hendry County man driving his 2004 Suzuki north on I-75 in south Lee County at a high rate of speed. He crashed into the median, striking a cable barrier, according to the Florida Highway Patrol.

Unfortunately, a frequent topic of this blog has been motorcycle safety because of the numerous accidents. Just a couple weeks ago, we shared some safety tips. Although blogs, the media and safety organizations are trying to bring awareness to the problem and educate the public, there are still far too many people killed in motorcycle crashes each year.

NBC-2 reported that according to the latest reports from the Florida Department of Highway Safety, there have been 190 motorcycle crashes from January 1st to July 31st in Lee County. Seventeen people were killed in motorcycle crashes in 2012. That year there were 287 motorcycle accidents in Lee County, and more than half of those involved other vehicles. Read more of this story.

At Bernardo Injury Law, we’ve had two motorcycle-related death cases in the last year and we’re working on two more.

It is important that motorcyclists and other motorists exercise caution. Although we’ve shared some tips for other motorists, it’s also important that motorcyclists are wearing helmets, follow the speed limit and exercise other safety precautions when operating a motorcycle.

Here are some tips for motorcyclists from the U.S. Department of Transportation:

  • WATCH THE NO-ZONES: Never hang out in a truck or other vehicle’s blind spot.
  • ALWAYS WEAR A HELMET: Beware of helmets that do not meet U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) standards. Check for the DOT label inside your helmet. Helmets are the most important piece of equipment you can wear when riding your motorcycle.
  • DRIVE TO SURVIVE: Motorcycles are the smallest vehicles on the road. Unfortunately they provide virtually no protection in a crash. Other drivers may not see you on your motorcycle, so you must be aware of everything on the road. Never ride in between lanes in traffic or share a lane with another vehicle.
  • CHECK YOURSELF AND YOUR BIKE: Conduct a safety inspection of your motorcycle before each ride, and wear protective clothing including gloves, boots and a jacket. WATCH YOUR SPEED: Of all vehicles, motorcycles accelerate the fastest, while trucks and buses are the slowest. Please watch your speed, especially in bad weather or at night.

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