Halloween safety should be top of your mind tomorrow whether or not you have children.

Thousands of kids dressed as ghosts, goblins, super heroes, witches and about everything else you can imagine will be descending on the streets of Fort Myers and Lee County. Most of them will be having parents in tow watching them ring the doorbells and collect their candy.

Halloween means pedestrians and vehicles sharing the roadways. That can be a scary combination if people do not follow some simple safety tips.

Pedestrians — parents and kids alike — should make sure drivers can see them. Dark colored costumes may look cool but they can keep drivers from seeing you. Parents should make sure they wear bright colored clothes that can easily be seen by drivers passing by and make sure they have something reflective on their kids’ costumes.

Carrying a flashlight is essential not only for helping drivers see you but also so you can see where you’re going when it gets dark. Falling in a pothole or tripping over a garden gnome can send you home early.

Drivers need to be extra cautious on Halloween. Drive a little slower. Keep your eyes open for people walking along the roadway. Drive cautiously and expect that pedestrians may do the unexpected. Children distracted by the fun may dart into the roadway. Someone may trip or fall off the sidewalk into the path of your vehicle.

Read more safety tips for children, parents and drivers from safekids.org.

At Bernardo Injury Law, we are concerned about your safety. Have a fun and safe Halloween.

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