An I-75 crash in Manatee County killed a Naples teenager and injured two others yesterday evening.

The crash happened about 6:30 p.m. when a Naples 19-year-old failed to stop in time and his vehicle hit the rear of a vehicle stopped in traffic from the University Parkway overpass closure. The driver and another 19-year-old passenger were injured and the other 19-year-ld passenger was killed. Read the article.

These types of vehicle accidents are far too common. Someone we know was almost involved in two rear end collisions in the last two days. It’s hard to drive in Southwest Florida without seeing a near-miss or an accident. People fail to pay attention to the stopped traffic, they follow too closely or they make unsafe lane changes.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 28% of crashes are rear-end collisions. Another 23% are run-off-the-road or loss of control crashes. These accidents lead to fatalities and serious injuries that can change people’s lives.

Most of these accidents can be avoided by following some basic safety tips such as making sure your brake lights work, leaving plenty of space between you and the vehicles in front and behind you, paying close attention to traffic in front of you, and being cautious at intersections and construction areas where cars may be braking quickly.

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