Two bicyclists were hit by a car in Fort Myers on Friday. Although both were injured, they are in stable condition.

There have been many accidents involving vehicles and bicycles in Fort Myers and Lee County this year. Thankfully, this incident did not result in any deaths.

The two men were riding their bicycles on Three Oaks Parkway near Chase Road when a car hit them. There are very few details about the crash but you can read more as the story develops by going to

Last week, we wrote about a fatal bicycle crash. James Chelius, 61, a Southwest Florida attorney, was trying to cross Daniels Parkway on his bicycle near Cross Creek Boulevard in south Fort Myers when a car traveling in the center lane hit him. He died a few hours later at Lee Memorial Hospital.

With the beautiful Southwest Florida weather, there are many people out biking and walking to enjoy the great outdoors. It’s important that motorists as well as bicyclists and pedestrians follow the rules of the road. It’s not even just following the rules sometimes, either. Using common sense and trying to avoid dangerous situations can help keep people safe.

If you ride your bicycle around Southwest Florida, here are 10 safety tips for you to follow — whether you ride along busy highways or quiet neighborhood streets.

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