A man was killed in a three-vehicle crash on U.S. 41 near Daniel’s Parkway about 5 p.m. Monday in a rear-end collision while he sat in stopped traffic.

David Michael Smith, 50, of Parrish, was stopped in traffic when another driver did not stop for the traffic and struck Smith’s vehicle from behind, causing Smith’s car to hit the car in front of him. Smith died at the scene. The crash is still being investigated. Read more.

Since this crash is still under investigation, it is unclear why the driver did not stop. He obviously did not notice the stopped traffic but why? Was he distracted by something? Was it a phone, a radio, another vehicle, etc.?

It is essential that drivers pay attention when they are behind the wheel. They need to be aware that other vehicles could stop at anytime for a number of reasons. Drivers should avoid distractions and be focused on the traffic. To help you avoid rear-end crashes, download these safety tips.

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