As thousands of students across Southwest Florida headed back to school Monday, it’s important to remember school bus safety.

Charlotte County Sheriff Bill Prummell reminds motorists to be especially careful when going through school zones and when near school buses that may be picking up or dropping off students.

“It can sometimes take a few weeks for drivers to get used to the routine of having school zone lights flashing again at certain times of the day,” Sheriff Bill Prummell said. “So we want to remind everyone to remember to slow down and watch out for children, particularly at bus stops and crossing zones. If necessary, leave a little early so you don’t feel rushed.”

The Sheriff’s Office’s Traffic Safety Team, as well as on-duty patrol deputies, will be increasing their patrols in and around the schools next week, with a special emphasis around the elementary and middle schools. Read more.

Lee County law enforcement agencies as well will be on the lookout for people violating school bus laws, speeding in school zones, etc. as students head back to school.

Drivers need to make sure they obey the speed limit in school zones and stop for school busses when required. Basically if you need to stop for a school bus unless the bus is in the opposite direction and it’s a divided roadway. Make sure you know the rules of the road. Know the law.

Here are some more important safety tips:

Download tips for students

For parents: What kids should know about bus safety

For kids: Learn the safety rules

For kids: Safety activity book

Tips for drivers, children and parents

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