A road rage victim died this week from injuries she sustained in an April incident in Fort Myers. The woman was a witness to a road rage case and tried to help the victim but instead, the driver turned his attention to her and another woman.

Lorraine McDaniel died

Monday from her injuries.

McDaniel and another woman were in a parking lot on Kingston drive when they say they witnessed a man nearly hit a jogger. The jogger tapped the vehicle and the driver chased down the jogger and punched him in the face. The women told the driver — identified as Eric Montez — to stop and they were calling the police. Montez then got in his car and hit the two women, according to authorities.

According to NBC-2.com, Montez then drove his daughter — who was in the car during the incident — to school and returned to the scene, where he was arrested. He is scheduled to be in court September 29. Read more about the incident and pending charges.

This is a very unfortunate case where a woman trying to help lost her life. She saw something wrong and tried to stop it. This is an extreme road rage case. Not only did the driver allegedly go after the jogger but also after the witnesses.

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