Three people were killed and several others injured after a vehicle hit a 432-pound Florida black bear over the weekend. The men killed were Good Samaritans who had stopped to help the woman who was driving the car that hit the bear.

According to authorities, a Cadillac Escalade hit the black bear in Hendry County, Florida, near the Broward County line. Eight duck hunters returning from a hunting trip in three separate trucks saw a woman standing by the damaged SUV and stopped to help. Another vehicle coming the opposite direction hit the SUV and one of the duck hunter’s trucks before rolling over several times. Seven of the good Samaritans were hit. Three were killed.

Read more and watch a video from the Sun-Sentinel.

Read the Miami Herald report.

What a sad, freak accident. It’s always sad when someone is killed in a car accident, but it is hard to understand tragedies such as this one. Three men were trying to help someone out and ended up losing their lives right before Christmas. These gentlemen were doing the right thing. This tragedy will change so many people’s lives.

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