A young boy hit by a car while riding his bicycle to the park over the weekend is lucky to have escaped with only minor injuries. You often hear of the fatal crashes but it’s also important to remember that people are injured every day in bicycle crashes.

The boy, whose age was not available, was riding his bicycle with a friend to Three Oaks Park in south Lee County on Sunday morning. They were riding along Three Oaks Parkway when the boy was struck by a car. He sustained an ankle injury. Read more.

The week before Thanksgiving, we wrote about a 56-year-old bicyclist who died from a head injury sustained in a crash. We’ve also written about numerous other bicyclists killed.

This week, let’s discuss how countless lives are impacted every day by injuries sustained in accidents involving bicycles.  An injury can cause long-term problems for the victim as well as family members. Injuries range from minor bumps and bruises to major head trauma. Some people walk away, others may end up in a coma. It all depends on how bad the accident is and what kind of protection the cyclist is wearing.

As we head into the holiday, it’s important that we all think about ways to keep people safe. Everyone should be able to celebrate and enjoy friends and family this time of year. No one wants to be recovering from an injury from a bicycle crash or grieving over a loved one while others are celebrating.

There are a few steps bicyclists and motorists can take to help reduce the chances of an injury or fatality. Bicyclists can make sure they wear the proper safety equipment and obey the traffic laws. Motorists should also obey traffic laws as well as be vigilant about watching for bicyclists and giving them the proper space to ride safely. Here are some more safety tips.

Bernardo Injury Law staff wishes everyone a happy and safe holiday season. This is a time to rejoice in the positive things that happen in our lives and enjoy time with friends and family.  If we can help you, contact us at (239) 332-3000 or toll free at 888-428-8943email us at gethelp@injuryinfo.org. You can get more safety tips and more at injuryinfo.org.