A motorcyclist was struck by a car in Bonita Springs on Wednesday night.

Just two blocks from her home, Ileyah Martinez was hit while driving North on U.S. 41. Martinez and a friend were headed to a Bonita Springs biking event when a car unexpectedly crossed over two lanes, boxing in both she and her friend. Martinez attempted to hit the brakes, but was immediately pinned in against the median, and the car’s impact sent her sliding across the pavement. Within seconds, a local stranger pulled over, ran across the road and stopped oncoming traffic to make sure Martinez was all right.

Read more and watch the video here.

Luckily, Martinez suffered no broken bones from the accident. This is not always the case for motorcycle crashes. Many fatalities could be prevented by increasing driver awareness. A Florida Department of Transportation study determined that motorists driving cars and trucks are mostly at fault. An increasing number of motorcycle accidents are caused by distracted car drivers on their cell phones, or simply those failing to yield to smaller vehicles with the right of way.

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