On Tuesday, a motorcyclist died after colliding with a vehicle near the intersection of Veterans Parkway and Surfside Boulevard.

56-year Joe Brocato crashed into a minivan that was attempting to turn around after going the wrong way. Brocato died on the scene. This was  Cape Coral’s seventh traffic fatality this year.  Read more.

This collision, like many others, occurred at night. Motorists are at the highest risk for crashes at night when the roads are dark and visibility is lessened. Drivers must be cautious of motorcyclists at all times, but especially during the evening hours. Automobile drivers are often at fault in accidents involving motorcyles and automobiles. Drivers can take these precautions to help keep motorcyclists and yourself safe:

Check blind spots.  Before switching lanes, check your blind spots. Rearview mirrors don’t always provide a clear view of the road behind us. Make the extra effort to turn around and check the areas our mirror doesn’t see.

Keep a safe distance. Keeping a safe distance will give you extra time to react. When approaching a motorcycle, following distance should be increased and high-beams should be turned off.

Check twice for motorcycles. Motorcycles are much smaller than cars and can often be overlooked when you are turning onto a road.

Use turn signals. If a motorcycle is behind you, use your turn signal earlier than you typically would. This gives the driver behind you adequate time to slow down and reduces the risk of rear ends and pile-ups. Be aware for the motorcyclist to manually give their turn signals as well. 

Remain in your lane. Motorcycles are legally permitted to have their own lane of traffic. Never attempt to share a single lane with a motorcycle or in close proximity to a motorcycle.

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