The Fourth of July weekend is the most dangerous holiday in America, with the majority of incidents resulting from crashes on the roads.  Independence Day weekend increases the number of drivers on the road, which escalates the risk of crashes. There are 37 percent more highway deaths on July 4 than the average July day. According to the National Safety Council, as many as 409 Americans will be killed with another 49,500 injured on the road this Fourth of July weekend.

Here are some tips for staying safe on the roads:

  • Don’t drink and drive. Driving under the influence is the largest cause of motor vehicle deaths.
  • Clean your car’s headlines before driving at night for the best possible vision.
  • Stay alert at all times.
  • Buckle up. Seatbelts are expected to save 155 lives this holiday weekend and would save an additional 99 Americans if they buckled up.
  • Place children in appropriate safety seats.
  • Obey the speed limit.

Fireworks can also cause injury if not handled correctly. The majority of firework injuries are to hands or fingers, although 22% of injuries cause damage to the face, head, and ears. Taking the proper precautions can prevent many of these injuries.

Here are some tips for handling fireworks safely:

  • Stay at least 500 feet away from fireworks.
  • Make sure you are lighting fireworks outside and with plenty of open space.
  • Keep fireworks away from children.
  • Make sure the person lighting the fireworks wears eye protection.
  • Keep water nearby in case anything goes wrong.

Independence day is a popular time for grill use. Thousands of grilling-related fires and injuries are reported every Fourth of July weekend.

Here are some tips for safe grilling:

  • Always grill outdoors in open space, away from people.
  • Use long-handed tools to avoid the possibility of getting burned.
  • Check the gas tank for leaks.
  • Keep flammable items away from the grill.

Remember all these tips for a safe and fun Fourth of July weekend. If you or a family member sustains an injury this holiday weekend, contact a personal injury attorney immediately after the incident. You can contact us at (239) 332-3000 or toll free at 888-428-8943, or email us at You can also visit the Bernardo Injury Law website at for more information.