We obtained this video of a recent car accident in which the driver of the van claimed he had a green light. To make it clear his light was not green when he went into the intersection, our trial consulting group worked on the video by circling the van and adding a timer, showing the insurance company how much time the driver had to stop. Our client was not visible in the shot, but he was struck on the side street after the van overturned. To avoid accidents like these, always remember to slow down when the light turns yellow and come to a full stop once it turns red.

According to Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (fhsmv), when the light turns yellow, it serves as a “warning – the light is changing to red. Stop if you can safely do so. It is extremely dangerous to be in an intersection when the light turns red.” When you have a red light, “come to a complete stop at the stop line. Remain stopped until light turns green. Running (driving through) the red light is against the law and is extremely dangerous!

We take our job of protecting our clients seriously. You should consider your decision of who will represent you just as seriously.