Halloween in the Fort Myers area is a fun time of year, both for young people and those who are young at heart. Children eagerly anticipate going out trick or treating while adults visit haunted houses and attend themed parties. Much of the focus is on ghouls, goblins, and other creatures that go bump in the night. Unfortunately, there are real life risks that are far more frightening. Pedestrian accidents and other mishaps are more common on Halloween than at any other time of the year. The following offers tips for keeping children and adults safe. 

Keeping Children Safe From Pedestrian Accidents on Halloween

Parents will want to encourage children to have fun and to engage in all the seasonal activities available, but it is important to be aware of the safety risks. The National Safety Council (NSC) reports that Halloween is one of the most dangerous nights in terms of pedestrian accidents. Children in particular are at risk and are twice as likely to fall victim to injuries on October 31st than at any other time of the year. To protect them, parents are urged to take some simple safety precautions: 

  • Keep costumes comfortable. Avoid long or ill-fitting outfits, which create trip hazards. Be cautious about masks, which can easily impair their vision.  
  • Increase their visibility. If they are going out at night, choose light colored costumes and add reflective tape. Having them carry a flashlight is a smart idea, too. 
  • Plan their route in advance. Avoid having them walk in unfamiliar areas or near busy streets and highways. Make sure they cross only at designated intersections.  
  • Provide proper supervision. Young children should always be accompanied by an adult. Older ones may go off in groups but should check in regularly. 

Simple Precautions to Prevent Halloween Accidents

In addition to the dangers children face over Halloween, accidents and injuries can impact adults as well. ADT Home Security encourages you to follow some simple safety precautions:  

  • Stay alert on the road. Be aware of trick or treating dates and times in your neighborhood and watch out for areas where children or adults are likely to congregate. 
  • Avoid driving distractions. Keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel at all times. Looking at your phone for even a second increases car accident risks. 
  • Protect your home. Make sure walkways are clear of trip hazards and well lit. Use security cameras and sensors to prevent Halloween-related vandalism. 
  • Monitor the situation while away. There are numerous options available that allow you to activate security features remotely and to monitor your property while away. 

Be mindful that if you are attending adult Halloween parties where alcohol will be served, avoid driving and make other arrangements to get home. 

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