Personal injuries can happen in a variety of situations. In the aftermath, it is easy to underestimate the resulting impact your injuries are likely to have on your life. Unfortunately, this could end up costing you significant amounts of money in the long run. To protect yourself and your rights to compensation, keeping a personal injury journal is a smart idea. 

Practical Matters to Make Note of in Your Personal Injury Journal

Negligence is an important legal term in personal injury cases. It refers to actions someone takes that cause you to suffer injuries or actions they failed to take in preventing an accident from happening. When another person’s negligence causes you harm, you are entitled to compensation in a claim. 

Compensation may come through an insurance policy the at-fault party has in place or through a lawsuit filed through the Florida Civil Court. In either case, proving the other person was responsible is key to getting the compensation you need to recover. Keeping a personal injury journal can help. In it, you can jot down important information about the accident, how it occurred, and who was responsible. The following are important items to include: 

  • The exact date, time, and location of where the accident happened;
  • Whether a police or accident report was filed;
  • Witnesses who may have been at the scene;
  • What you were doing immediately before the accident and what happened immediately after;
  • Circumstances that may have contributed to your accident or injuries;
  • Anything the other party may have said;
  • Any communications you may have received from them or their insurance company;
  • Questions or concerns you have, which should be discussed with our personal injury attorney. 

Keeping Detailed Notes About Your Injuries   

Under the Florida Statutes, you are entitled to compensation for injuries caused by another person’s negligence, even if you were partly to blame. This includes medical expenses, lost wages, and additional amounts for your pain and suffering. Keeping detailed notes about your condition, the treatments you undergo, and the impact your injuries have on your day-to-day life is important in getting the maximum amount to which you are entitled. Use your journal to document the following: 

  • Dates of doctor’s appointments and follow up visits;
  • Lists of medications you are taking and what they are for;
  • Any treatments you undergo;
  • Any medical devices you are required to use;
  • The amount of physical pain you experience each day;
  • The impact your injuries have on your ability to work, to perform tasks around the house, or engage in other activities, such as social events;
  • Any sleep disorders or emotional issues you experience, such as depression or increased anxiety. 

Speak With Our Fort Myers Personal Injury Attorney
You have one chance to get the compensation you need to recover from your injuries. The Bernardo Law Firm is here to help. Information in your journals can be used as important evidence in your claim. To protect your rights, contact our Fort Myers personal injury attorney and request a consultation today.