Slip and fall accidents are no laughing matter. While you may be tempted to shrug off the incident or blame it on being clumsy or distracted, the fact is that serious personal injuries can occur as a result. In many cases, the reckless actions of the property owner are ultimately to blame. Understanding the impact your injuries could have on your health, financial security, and overall well-being both now and in the future is key to getting the compensation you are entitled to in a slip and fall claim. 

Injuries That can Occur as a Result of a Slip and Fall

A slip and fall in a store, office building, restaurant, or other public places may seem like a relatively minor accident, more a cause for embarrassment than for concern. However, injuries you sustain as a result can be serious and may have far-reaching effects, even if you do not exhibit any immediate symptoms. 

According to the National Safety Council (NSC), slips, trips, and falls are a leading cause of disability and claim the lives of nearly 40,000 people each year. Serious and potentially debilitating injuries that can occur due to slip and fall accidents include: 

  • Soft tissue injuries: Muscle or tendon strains and sprains have symptoms that may not occur until days or even weeks after a fall. These injuries take long months to recover from and can result in ongoing health issues and limited mobility. 
  • Back and neck injuries: Slipped or herniated discs and damage to vertebrae can happen in any type of slip or fall. These injuries often require extensive medical care and can result in permanent disabilities. 
  • Head injuries: Concussion and traumatic brain injury (TBI) can result from even a relatively minor bump or blow to the head. Once a head injury happens, any future blows or accidents suffered could result in severe disabilities or even death.  

Seeking Compensation for Slip and Fall Injuries   

When serious injuries happen due to slip and fall accidents, property owners and managers can be held liable for failing to properly maintain the premises or for failing to warn visitors of potential dangers. When you suffer injuries due to wet floors, cluttered aisles, uneven walkways, or other hazards, you may be entitled to compensation through an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit. Damages available under the Florida Statutes include: 

  • Compensation for current medical expenses and any future medical costs you are likely to incur: 
  • Compensation for lost wages and any future losses in income due to lingering disabilities;
  • Compensation for your pain and suffering, as well as for the loss of enjoyment in life your injuries have caused. 

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