Any type of car crash or collision can leave drivers and their passengers suffering from serious personal injuries, but wrong-way car accidents are one of the most severe. While the least common type of crash, injuries victims suffer in these cases are more likely to be life-threatening and potentially fatal. In light of a recent wrong-way collision near Fort Myers involving multiple vehicles, it is important for drivers to be aware of the risks. 

Wrong-Way Car Accident on I-75 Involves Multiple Motorists

A recent wrong-way collision on I-75 involved five vehicles and left multiple people with serious injuries. According to a February 9, 2020 Fort Myers News-Press report, the accident occurred just before 3:00 a.m. at mile marker 126,  between the Corkscrew and Alico road exits. A 25-year-old female driver was traveling in the wrong direction, going south in the northbound lanes. 

She ended up crashing head-on into a 2014 Buick Enclave driven by a Fort Myers resident. The impact of the collisions impacted three additional motorists, causing injuries and extensive damage to their vehicles. I-75 was closed for hours afterward as road crews cleared the wreckage. The motorists involved were taken to Lee Memorial Hospital, with a passenger in the Buick listed in serious conditions. Police are continuing to investigate the crash and have not yet released any causes or whether the at-fault driver faces charges. 

Common Causes Behind Wrong-Way Accidents

According to statistics from the Insurance Information Institute (III), wrong-way driving is one of the least common causes of car accidents, responsible for less than 3% of all crashes that occur each year. At the same time, these accidents have the potential to be the most deadly and are a frequent factor in fatal head-on collisions. 

Wrong-way accidents are common on one-way streets and on highways near exit or entrance ramps. Common factors that make these crashes more likely to occur include: 

  • Unfamiliarity with the area: In Fort Myers, the high number of tourists visiting the area make wrong-way accidents more likely to happen. 
  • Distracted driving: Using cell phones to make calls or take photos, texting, changing GPS settings, or simply allowing your mind to wander while behind the wheel can increase the odds of missing road signs or signals regarding traffic direction. 
  • Health conditions: Illnesses, sudden medical emergencies, and cognitive impairments that go along with aging can make drivers disoriented and increase wrong-way accident risks.  
  • Night-blindness: Wrong-way crashes are more common at night. Decreased visibility is a common factor. 
  • Impaired driving: Being under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or medications is a frequent cause of wrong-way car accidents. 

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