In this article, we breakdown a recent motorcycle accident settlement case in Fort Myers, Florida. Mr. Smith (identity protected) was referred to our office by his friend after he suffered injuries while operating his motorcycle here in Fort Myers. As is often the case, the driver of a car turned directly across Mr. Smith’s lane of travel.

He was treated and released from a local hospital for fractured toe and thumb as well as significant road rash as a result of the motorcycle accident with the car that turned in front of him. I met with him at his home as he was not able to walk for a time afterwards. We discussed his injuries and I suggested photographs be taken to document them properly. I also recommended an orthopedic consultation for his sore knee when he told me about pain he was experiencing. An MRI revealed a slight meniscal tear, but no surgery was required.

After obtaining all of his medical treatment records, assessing his claim, and determining the extent of his injuries, we prepared a packet of information, photographs, medical records and billing to submit to the other driver’s insurance company. This was accomplished approximately three (3) months after his motorcycle accident.

Initially, the insurance company adjuster rejected my demand for the full policy limits of $100,000.00 arguing that the claim did not amount to such a high number for the injuries suffered. After multiple discussions with the adjuster for the insurance company, however, they were convinced to pay the full insurance policy of $100,000.00 four (4) months after the motorcycle accident. Mr. Smith was pleased with the outcome and has made a very good recovery from his injuries.

By taking the time to argue aggressively on behalf of Mr. Smith and relate details about his recovery and difficulties with his comfort level in riding his motorcycle now, we were able to reach a successful conclusion to his claim. Knowing your case and your client’s injuries and concerns are vital in obtaining fair compensation in personal injury cases in Fort Myers. The medical bills and health insurance lien that had to be paid out of the settlement were less than $9,000.00. This provided an excellent net recovery to Mr. Smith after accounting for pre-suit attorney fees of 33 1/3% (The Florida Bar approved fee schedule in personal injury cases).

Bernardo Injury Law in Fort Myers, Florida can help you get a settlement for your motorcycle accident.