How do you recover or pay for your medical treatment for injuries from a car accident

The best way to do this is by having an experienced personal injury attorney bring a claim on your behalf. There are no fees or costs to you unless and until a recovery is made. It costs you nothing out of pocket to have the attorney prepare your claim and provide their years of experience in negotiating the claim or filing suit on your behalf. An experienced personal injury attorney will typically obtain a recovery three (3) or four (4) times the amount you might obtain by yourself. 

The attorney can often recommend medical providers that are familiar with the injury claims process, and have good reputations and experience in billing the automobile insurance that applies to all automobile accidents here in Florida (this is known as PIP, or Personal Injury Protection Insurance). A minimum of $10,000.00 is required coverage for anyone operating an automobile. This amount is for medical treatment (including chiropractic and physical therapy) and/or wage losses suffered due to any injuries received from an automobile accident. It is your automobile insurance coverage that pays this. Your attorney will verify applicable coverage and payments for this, and seek to obtain an injury recovery from the other driver’s insurance for any medical expenses above the $10,000.00 in PIP coverage provided in your automobile insurance policy as well as any unrecovered loss of income and pain and suffering you experienced from your injuries. 

Consultations are free and there is no reason to not discuss your possible claim with a personal injury attorney, and obtain advice on the best way to go forward on a claim.