Everybody wants to know what their personal injury case is worth. Invariably, that is one of the first questions asked of their attorney. If not the first question, it is certainly a frequent one. Experienced lawyers know that many variables must be properly considered before an accurate range of value can be determined. These variables can be different depending on whether your case involves a car accident, motorcycle accident, a fall, or nursing home neglect. Be wary of lawyers that claim to be able to give you that answer just days or even weeks after your initial injury occurred! Telling you what you want to hear may get you to sign their contract for representation, but it often leads to unwelcome surprises for you at the end of your case. It takes experience, knowledge, and time to properly place a value on a case.

There is another number that matters to you, and it is the more important number. This number can’t be determined at the beginning of your case. It is the net recovery to you, and several factors determine what this number will be. Your outstanding medical bills, case costs, and whether your lawyer is willing to adjust their fees are some of these factors. You could very well end up with the same net recovery as a different injured person who had lesser injuries than you if you or your lawyer concentrate only on the overall settlement number. If you want to avoid that scenario, you may want to talk with an experienced injury lawyer that is willing to explain the factors affecting your case and not just tell you what you want to hear. You might be happier that you did.